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My name is Stacy and as a kid, my mother had a passion for animals that naturally rubbed off on me. She taught me to have
compassion for animals and to treat them with respect.


I connect with animals so much that some of my friends' joke that I like animals more than people. My Critters, Shar, Shadow, Max and Turbo Kitty were all rescues in one way or another. I love them all dearly and I can't help it, I feel like they need me.


Your animals don’t want to be boarded at a kennel when you leave on vacation. They would be miserable. Why take the chance of them catching kennel cough, fleas or something worse? With the love that Stacy’s Critter Sitters has for animals, you can leave your critter knowing that they would have the same amount of love as if you were there.


Working too much? Are your critters starving for affection? Let us play or walk with them while you are away at work, working hard for their treats. Dogs especially become bored and antsy, which can lead to digging, barking or tearing up that brand new lounge chair you bought for around the pool.


Give us a call, I promise; you’ll be happy you did.

Stacy and the Critter Sitter team…



I would recommend anyone to Stacy’s Critter Sitters. I work a lot of hours and don’t have the time to really give my animals the attention they require. Stacy will come to the house, walk Butch and take the time to play with my (2) cats; Princess and Prince. I trust her implicitly with my animals and in my home.

- Anthony Paul

Stacy and the gang have been taking care of my Great Dane, Shanti and my cats, Miss Molly, Ty Bo, Scruffy and Sydney, since Shanti was a puppy; she is now eight. I cannot say enough about the care my animals have received and the care that has been taken of my home while I'm gone. When I come home, everything is as I left it, or better, my animals are stress free and happy. My animals absolutely love Stacy and her employees and it shows because they can't wait to see her come.

- Meredith Bulger (Arcadia CA)



Stacy is WONDERFUL! Highly recommended!! 

- Charles T.



This was our first experience and I must admit we were a little bit leary of leaving Lacey with someone new, however after meeting Stacy she reassured us that she would take good care of her. She sent us pictures every day and kept in touch with us. Lacey enjoyed her stay and we would definitely let her stay with Stacy again. She was very comfortable there.

- Lacey M.



We had a great experience with Stacy! Twinkie was instantly comfortable with Stacy and in her home. She kept me in the loop and sent me pictures during her stay. I can tell she got spoiled! We will definitely be using Stacy again!

- Laura T.